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The department is: Chef/Deprecations

The full name of the cop is: Chef/Deprecations/NamePropertyWithDefaultValue

Enabled by default Supports autocorrection Target Chef Version
Enabled Yes All Versions

A resource property (or attribute) can’t be marked as a name_property (or name_attribute) and also have a default value. The name property is a special property that is derived from the name of the resource block in and thus always has a value passed to the resource. For example if you define my_resource 'foo' in recipe, then the name property of my_resource will automatically be set to foo. Setting a property to be both a name_property and have a default value will cause Chef Infra Client failures in 13.0 and later releases.



property :config_file, String, default: 'foo', name_property: true
attribute :config_file, String, default: 'foo', name_attribute: true


property :config_file, String, name_property: true
attribute :config_file, String, name_attribute: true

Configurable attributes

Name Default value Configurable values
Version Added 5.7.0 String
  • **/libraries/*.rb
  • **/resources/*.rb

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