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All Cookstyle Cops

The department is: Chef/Style

The full name of the cop is: Chef/Style/CopyrightCommentFormat

Enabled by default Supports autocorrection Target Chef Version
Not Enabled Yes All Versions

Checks for incorrectly formatted copyright comments.



Copyright:: 2013-2022 Opscode, Inc.
Copyright:: 2013-2022 Chef Inc.
Copyright:: 2013-2022 Chef Software Inc.
Copyright:: 2009-2010 2013-2022 Chef Software Inc.
Copyright:: Chef Software Inc.
Copyright:: Tim Smith
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2015-2022 Chef Software, Inc.


Copyright:: 2013-2022 Chef Software, Inc.
Copyright:: 2013-2022 Tim Smith
Copyright:: 2019 37Signals, Inc.

Configurable attributes

Name Default value Configurable values
Version Added 5.0.0 String

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