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knife delete

Use the knife delete subcommand to delete an object from a Chef Infra Server. This subcommand works similar to knife cookbook delete, knife data bag delete, knife environment delete, knife node delete, and knife role delete, but with a single verb (and a single action).


This subcommand has the following syntax:

knife delete [PATTERN...] (options)



Review the list of common options available to this (and all) knife subcommands and plugins.

This subcommand has the following options:


Delete both local and remote copies of an object. Default: false.

--chef-repo-path PATH

The path to the chef-repo. This setting will override the default path to the chef-repo. Default: same value as specified by chef_repo_path in client.rb.


The number of allowed concurrent connections. Default: 10.


Delete only the local copy of an object. A remote copy will not be deleted. Default: false.

-r, --[no-]recurse

Use --recurse to delete directories recursively. Default: --no-recurse.

--repo-mode MODE

The layout of the local chef-repo. Possible values: static, everything, or hosted_everything. Use static for just roles, environments, cookbooks, and data bags. By default, everything and hosted_everything are dynamically selected depending on the server type. Default: everything / hosted_everything.


See config.rb for more information about how to add certain knife options as settings in the config.rb file.



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