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knife deps

Use the knife deps subcommand to identify dependencies for a node, role, or cookbook.


This subcommand has the following syntax:

knife deps (options)



Review the list of common options available to this (and all) knife subcommands and plugins.

This subcommand has the following options:

--chef-repo-path PATH

The path to the chef-repo. This setting will override the default path to the chef-repo. Default: same value as specified by chef_repo_path in client.rb.


The number of allowed concurrent connections. Default: 10.


Use --recurse to list dependencies recursively. This option can only be used when --tree is set to true. Default: --no-recurse.


Determine dependencies from objects located on the Chef Infra Server instead of in the local chef-repo. Default: false.

--repo-mode MODE

The layout of the local chef-repo. Possible values: static, everything, or hosted_everything. Use static for just roles, environments, cookbooks, and data bags. By default, everything and hosted_everything are dynamically selected depending on the server type. Default: everything / hosted_everything.


Show dependencies in a visual tree structure (including duplicates, if they exist). Default: false.


See config.rb for more information about how to add certain knife options as settings in the config.rb file.


The following examples show how to use this knife subcommand:

Find dependencies for a node

knife deps nodes/node_name.json

Find dependencies for a role

knife deps roles/role_name.json

Find dependencies for a cookbook

knife deps cookbooks/cookbook_name.json

Find dependencies for an environment

knife deps environments/environment_name.json

Find dependencies for a combination of nodes, roles, and more

To find the dependencies for a combination of nodes, cookbooks, roles, and/or environments:

knife deps cookbooks/git.json cookbooks/github.json roles/base.json environments/desert.json nodes/mynode.json

Use a wildcard

A wildcard can be used to return the child nodes. For example, the environments:

knife deps environments/*.json

Return as tree

Use the --tree option to view the results with structure:

knife deps roles/webserver.json

to return something like:


Pass knife deps output to knife upload

The output of knife deps can be passed to knife upload:

knife upload `knife deps nodes/*.json

Pass knife deps output to knife xargs

The output of knife deps can be passed to knife xargs:

knife deps nodes/*.json | xargs knife upload
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