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knife show

Use the knife show subcommand to view the details of one (or more) objects on the Chef Infra Server. This subcommand works similar to knife cookbook show, knife data bag show, knife environment show, knife node show, and knife role show, but with a single verb (and a single action).


This subcommand has the following syntax:

knife show [PATTERN...] (options)



Review the list of common options available to this (and all) knife subcommands and plugins.

This subcommand has the following options:

-a ATTR, --attribute ATTR

The attribute (or attributes) to show.

--chef-repo-path PATH

The path to the chef-repo. This setting will override the default path to the chef-repo. Default: same value as specified by chef_repo_path in client.rb.


The number of allowed concurrent connections. Default: 10.


Show local files instead of remote files.

--repo-mode MODE

The layout of the local chef-repo. Possible values: static, everything, or hosted_everything. Use static for just roles, environments, cookbooks, and data bags. By default, everything and hosted_everything are dynamically selected depending on the server type. Default: everything / hosted_everything.

-S SEPARATOR, --field-separator SEPARATOR

Character separator used to delineate nesting in –attribute filters. For example, to use a colon as the delimiter, specify -S: in your knife node show subcommand. Default is .


The following examples show how to use this knife subcommand:

Show all cookbooks

To show all cookbooks in the cookbooks/ directory:

knife show cookbooks/

or, (if already in the cookbooks/ directory in the local chef-repo):

knife show

Show roles and environments

knife show roles/ environments/
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